About us -about KATAOKA Inc-

At our directly managed store "WABISUKE"and web store, wecarry a great variety of Japanese gifts and crafts. BelRegalo means beatiful gift in Italian. We hope our products will be perfect gift for someone very special for people. Our textile design are created under the concept of "Cross cultures" which brings new trend to Japanese traditional style. All our products fit perfectly to western or any clothing.
I am waiting for you to come. Please drop in on us when you're in the neighborhood.

KATAOKA Inc (directly managed store"WABISUKE")
Brands: WABISEKE Series. Address: Bunkicho,Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan 605-0028 Phone: 075-771-5935 Subway Tozai line to Higashiyama station, exit No,2